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Member FAQs

/out Attendance System

We use a sign-in/out system for tracking meeting attendance. At the beginning of the meeting, registered attendees will receive a text message. Simultaneously, a sign-in token will be announced.

Look at your phone. You will find a text message. In that text message is a link. Tap the link. This will open a page on our website. On this page you will find a field into which you can type the token.

Type the token word into the field. Tap the blue [Sign In] button. When you get the green confirmation banner, you know that you have successfully signed in.

At the end of the meeting, you will receive a second text message and a sign-out token. Once again, tap the link in the text message. Enter the token into the field. Tap the [Sign Out] button. Get the green confirmation banner.

At this point you should receive a certificate of attendance by both text message and by Email.

If these steps are not working for you, please visit the Help Desk immediately after the meeting. You will find a link to the Help Desk on the home page.